What are the Corebook Earn-cash activities?

Earn-cash is engaging in task activities by getting Paid by Task Completed. The company"s income is generated by successfully executed task Performed By Members
How Does it work?

Go To Task Section,Click A Task If Available, Follow The Instruction and Complete The Task, Submit Email and Username Used in Completing the Task(if Outside Corebook), Submit A Short Note for Admin Approval(If Inside Corebook), Get Paid When Admin Approved Your Confirmation
How can I find my referral link to promote this website??

Visit The Earn-Cash Page, Copy Your Refer Link And Share To Friends
NOTE: Your Referral may also Insert Your Username At The Registration Page For Evidence
How Much Money Can I make From My Referrals?

We Pay 200Ç for every person you refer to Corebook Via Your Personal Ref.Link
Is Referral Compulsory Before I Withdraw?

No It Is Optional But You will earn More Cool Cash Referring Your Friends
Can I Start With Any Task?

Yes!!, You Can Start With Any TaskBut You Need To Complete Atleast One Main Task Before We Can Process Your Account Instantly For Withdraw. This Means one Main Task Is Compulsory
Can I Have More Than One Account?

No, we believe you don"t need more than one account. If we detect multiple accounts that relate to the same person, all relevant accounts will be closed. Please do not join from public networks (like companies, schools) that are all using the same IP address.
Any Other Means To Earn on Corebook?

Yes, You Can Play & Predict Our Corebook Online Virtual Games To Earn Massively daily & also Spin Wheel To Receive Rewards
How often can I Complete A Task?

Daily=You Complete The Task Everyday
Once=You Complete Task Once & for All
Weekly=You Complete Task Every Week Using Different details
Monthly=You Complete Task Every Month Using Different Details
I Submitted The Task Form Without Completing The Task, Any Penalty?

Yes, Your Earning Will Be Deducted, if Repeated Severally Your Account will Be Removed By Admin, We Argue To Follow The Instructions Of Each Task Carefully To Avoid this Penalty
What Is The Minimum Payout?

The minimum & maximum withdrawal amount is Ç15000 Core-Cash = ₦750
Any Condition before Reaching Ç15000??

No, There is no Conditon At All,But One Condition Applies When You Withdraw,we check your account manually for any fraudulent Activities,if any occur on your account we decline your payment
What Are The Payment Mode?
•Perfect Money
•Bitcoin Cash
•Bank Transfer(Nigeria)
•Airtime Transfer(Nigeria)
•Data Transfer(Nigeria)
How Do I Request For Payment?
Go To The Menu Page, Click Withdraw, Select Your Payment Mode And Provide Payment Details , Withdraw!!!
Any Withdraw Charges Fee?
Yes, 8% fee From all Payment Mode. Example If You Withdraw Ç5400 A Fee Of Ç400 will be Charged
When Do I Receive my Payment?
We Process Withdraw Request On EveryWednesday
How Can I Make A Personal Task On Corebook or Contact For More Info?
Kindly Use The Contact Us Link Below To Send A Message Or Call/Text Us On 2348179258441 for More Information
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