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FACTORS ALL JAMBITES SHOULD CONSIDER WHEN CHOOSING INSTITUTIONS . If you are a 2020 JAMBITE, just pay attention to this information, as it will help you a lot.... Remember that during JAMB registration, you will be asked to choose 4 institutions which comprises of "First choice" , "Second choice" , "Third choice" and "Fourth choice". . ✅1ST CHOICE INSTITUTION: Here, You are expected to chose either a federal or State University, but I will advise that You choose a federal University if you are not a type that is financially buoyant. You can pick schools like UNN, UNICAL, OAU, UI, UNILAG and other federal Universities in Nigeria. . . ✅2ND CHOICE INSTITUTION: In your 2nd choice, choose either a state-owned university or a polytechnic. In this part, you MUST not choose any federal universities especially UI, OAU, UNN, UNILAG and others, because no matter what you score, you wont be allowed to write the POST UME exam. You can pick schools like EKSU, OOU, DELSU and for polytechnic; YABATECH, Ibadan Poly, Ilaro Poly and others. . ✅3RD CHOICE INSTITUTION: The option of schools in this category is not much, but you can just pick the one that best suit your taste based on location and tuition fee. . ✅4TH CHOICE INSTITUTION: In this category, you wont see any university here, you will see Vocational institutes like PEFTI institutes, Computer Programming institutes and others. . Now i am sure you already have idea about what choosing a university or institute in the four categories look like. . The question you should now ask yourself is . 1. which school is the best for me? 2. Which school will be easier for me to get admitted based on the look of things? 3. Which school will have adequate facilities for my course of study? . So, All these questions will be answered in this post, just read carefully. . .❗THINGS TO CONSIDER WHEN CHOOSING AN INSTITUTION; . ADMISSION PROCESS OF THE SCHOOL: Every schools have their method of processing admission. Some use the screening point calculated from your JAMB score and o'level result, some use POST UME and JAMB score to calculate your screening point, while some use only your POST UME score, so whatever way, you should be able to know the one which suit you well. . COMPETITIVENESSOF THE SCHOOL: Generally, all top federal universities are competitive ranging from 30,000 to over 40,000 aspirants choosing a particular school competing for minimum slot ( survival of the fittest). So, if you are applying for any federal School like UNN, get ready for admission competition. . SCHOOL CALENDAR: As an aspirant, You his ear know that Schools in Nigeria Doesn't have a uniform Academic Calendar. . Most times, some schools are ahead of another schools with one semester or less. You won't like to be at home while your friends in other schools are almost done with first semester. . CONDUCIVE LEARNING ENVIRONMENT: Not all universities in Nigeria are conducive for learning, instead they are like burden to the students. Make sure you make some findings on the school facilities like their hostel, lecture room, equipment and others. And Lastly; . LOCATION OF THE SCHOOL: I intentionally save this for the last because students are fond of choosing a school very far from their home, someone living in lagos is studying in abia state which is ought not to be. When choosing a school, consider your safety when traveling to such destinations. . ```This is where I shall stop for today. More JAMB & Admission Tips Will be Coming your way.```Call or Whatsapp Mr.Collins for tips for Your Jamb 2020 07019023623 Subscription for the tips on going

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