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Happy New Month FeB. 2020

We Have Made A Slight Changes in the Cash-Jobs Section

All Users Both on Free-Mode & Data Mode Can Submit Task Message Immediately a Task has been Completed. All You Need To Do Is Go to the Task Section, Click a Task, Scroll Down & Click the area which Says"Click Here To Submit Message Task Form"

Pls Kindly Read Instruction before submitting Task Form So You Can Know Exactly What To Type & Submit in the Message Form.

Note: Using the Sign in the bracket (') is Prohibited if You Do, Your Message task Form won't be sent. You will Always get An Error Reply

Notice: Pls Make Sure You Have Complete the Task before Submitting in the Task Message Form
If we Discover you didnt complete the task and you submitted a Form You won't be credited & Probably we Might reduce your earning if Occurrence is Noticed On the Account.

Signed: Corebook Management

February 2 2020 12:28 PM•
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