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My wife took my phone and deleted Dorcas' number and saved her number as Dorcas. I guess some "aprokos" had tipped my wife off about my side chick, Dorcas. I got an SMS from Dorcas asking for an MTN airtime of #3,000. I rushed out to the shop, bought the airtime, and sent it to Dorcas. She did not acknowledge receipt of the airtime. When I came back home after work, I kept wondering if Dorcas had received the airtime. So, I decided to send her an SMS to find out if she received it. Her response was, "Call me now"! So, I got out of the house to make the call, as my wife was home too. Meeeeehn, you can imagine how horrific it was when it's my wife's voice that I heard. She answered the call. Meeeehn, see wahala ...I'm still standing outside o. So confused like an upcoming "kolo". My heart is pricking and beating so hard and faster than normal. When I left the house, my wife was slicing some vegetables to make dinner inside the kitchen. Should I go inside or find somewhere else to spend the night? My village ancestors are at it again ooo...😂🤣😂🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣

April 26 2020 10:48 AM•
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