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The Salvation Of Our Lord Jesus Christ Is Not By Force But By Choice. Jesus Has Died For Us 2 Redeem Us From D Power Of Sin Nd Death D Reward Of Sin Nd From D Devil Himself.So It Is Left 2 U 2 Accept Him Or Not. It Is Just Like A Mother That Cooked 2 Different Type Of Soup.D First One Is Sweet Nd Delicious But Looks Not Palatable And The Other Soup Smells Nice But It Taste Awful In Mouth Nd She Now Called Her 2 Children 2 Serve Themselves With Rice Nd Pick A Soup Without Using 2 Soups At Once.D First Pick D The One That Looks Palatable But Regret Using It And While The Second Child Pick D One That Does Not Look Good But Later Found Out That It Is D Best.D Second Told D First How Sweet His Soup Was So D First Later Went 2 Use D Other Soup. This Story Illustrate D Children Has We Humans And The First Soup As Sin And DeathWhile D Other Soup As D Salvation Of Christ.Note The Mother Didnt Force Or Pick For Them They Choose By Themselves.Jesus Said He Is The Way,The Truth And Life.So Would You Pick Life Or Death?

June 16 2020 11:09 AM•
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