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Category: wise decision

God's Character Is Impossibility. So Why Don't We That Are Called The Sons Of God ( Christians ) Through The Redeemption Of Our Sins By Jesus Christ Make The Impossible Possible By The Name Of Jesus? We Need To Know Who We Are! Or What We Are Called! If We Can't Know Or Understand These Things Then We Are Just Gonna Be Wanderals Before God And A Laughing Stock In Front Of The Enemies And The Devil Himself Because We Will Not Know What To Do And Also Know How To Claim Our Right As A Christian! Stand Up And Be Who You Are It Time To Throw That Bullshit Called Sin That You Value Away From Your Hands And Be What You Are."WE ARE SONS OF GOD, WE ARE CHRIST LIKE, WE ARE CHRISTIANS!" Be Blessed And Stay Blessed!

June 19 2020 11:04 AM•
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amen in Jesus name

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